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  • With this policy, we wish to make it clear how we collect and use information directly from you and from third parties.
  • It is important to us that our donors, volunteers, employees, supporting campaigners, or prospective contributors’ personal information is protected and disclosed to you.
  • All applicable privacy laws govern how we use your information. When you are a donor or supporter, we use information collected about you to process donations/payments; to provide more information about our work, services; to encourage voluntary participation in our activities; to analyze and improve our services to make them user-friendly.
  • When you are an employee, volunteer or trustee, we use collected personal information to communicate with you in order to manage the day-to-day activities of the organization including emergency.
  • According to Data Protection Law, some categories of personal information like health information, religious beliefs, and political views are sensitive.
  • Typically, such information is not collected by us unless we have a specific reason for doing so.
  • Information we collect from you will only be shared with other organizations when you have granted us consent, where it is necessary for legitimate purposes related to services we provide, events we organize, or where it is required.
  • We will communicate about our work in a timely and respectful manner you find relevant. During this process, we apply the data we have stored about you, such as events you have supported or donated us in the past, and your preferences.
  • We ensure that all information collected through our website is handled by authorized officials. For any future donations you make, your personal information will be stored indefinitely, allowing us to link them to a single unique record held about you within our system.
  • In cases where your record is inaccurate or you would like to remove information, you can contact us using the information at the end of this policy.
  • We welcome your inquiries about any aspects of this policy and, in particular, if you have any objections to how your personal information is handled for our legitimate organizational purposes.

Refund & Cancellation:

  • 1. You will provide authentic, correct and true information while completing the process for online donation. Rise And Shine Children Charitable Trust reserves the right to confirm and validate the information and other details provided by you at any point of time. If upon confirmation your details are found not to be true (wholly or partly), Rise And Shine Charitable Trust has the right in its sole discretion to reject the donation.
  • 2. If donor feels that, he/she made an error in donation amount/purpose or any other parameter, kindly Rise And Shine Children Charitable Trust know about such error within 2 working days by email to We shall rectify any such parameter by you whenever possible.
  • 3. You will receive a confirmation on successful/ failed transaction.
  • 4. No refund/ Cancellation request for the donated amount by any donor will be entertained for online donations through the online payment gateway after the donation is accepted from our online payment gateway service provides unless there is a fraud notification from our payment gateway service providers.
  • 5. Only Indian Donors are eligible for a Tax exemption under section 80G of the Income Tax Act and would be sent to the registered address provided during the process of online donation.
  • 6. If the Indian donor does not receive 80 - G certificate within 30 days the time of donation, he/she is liable to claim the donated amount from Rise And Shine Children Charitable Trust
  • 7. For any other information on online donations kindly write to or call us +91 - 8122113361
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